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Portrait Photography with Simona

It feels so good, to be back in London where everything is going fast pace and the possibilities for photographers are so diverse.

I do like shooting with non-models as well. It is clearly more difficult to direct them throughout the shoot, but their faces are perhaps even more interesting. I never met Simona before, but we had a little facebook chat and planned an outdoor location shooting and surprisingly even the weather turned out perfect that day.

It way quite couldy but as every photographer knows, that is a extremely flattering light for evenly lighted portraits. And that was we were aiming for. With Nilik, a good friend of mine and my assistant that day, we had a tiny bit of trouble meeting up in overcrowded London, but everything that followed was just great.

We spend over an hour shooting with different styles, poses and lighting situations. I´m so glad that I met her, as she is a really funny, bubbly and photogenic person and it was definitely a pleasure to shoot with her.

So here you go. Just give me a shout and I will arrange some cloudy weather for a lovely photoshoot! :)

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