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Real Skin: Beauty Photography vs Instagram Filters

Being a Beauty Photographer also comes with the responsibility to make things more real - at least in my eyes. Over-edited images (Looking at you, Instagram filters!) are part of our daily media consumption. And it needs to change. We can make the model/skin/product....make look more real and STILL give them the aura of perfection. It starts with a great crew that is skillful and will realise a natural finish on glam without making the skin look cakey or the hair too perfect.

A 'natural' way of lighting and the final light touches in photoshop will perfect the image.

Below an example of a recent beauty test. As I wanted to make the skin the highlight of the shot, I focussed the camera on the cheek instead of the eye - 'against the rules'. I love this shot for it's composition and editorial edge without being 'too much'.

If you have a similar idea or brief, don't be shy and drop me a line!


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