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Retouching Challenge x Edit my Beauty Images for your Retouching Portfolio!

As a beauty photographer I have lots of talented retouchers reaching out to me about raw images to retouch for their portfolio. I'd love to give everyone the chance to do so, but always struggled to keep up with the requests and new imagery in the weekly whirlwind of being a freelancer.

Hence, I decided to move everything online and set up my own Retouching Challenge with a selection of three 'barely-there', natural make up images. The beautiful glowy make-up by Marie Reitner on stunning model Saskia offers a versatile space for creative interpretation.

Take a look at a snippet of the results here:

Most of the retouchers love the impact of natural, fresh skin beauty retouching, keeping the original 'neutral' grading, but some of them enhanced/changed the make-up or added colour grading to their final result.

If you like to play around with the images yourself, all you need to do is fill in the form here on the website and you'll receive a download link - Looking forward to seeing your creative vision!


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