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Stoke Newington and Abney Cemetery

That is probably one of the best things you can do in London: just go to a place where you have not been before! It is so easy to stay in your comfort zone, especially in a city like London, where you have too many possibilities.

So, I wanted to discover a new borough and chose Stoke Newington. I was happy to have a London born and bred friend with me, who lives in this area. Stoke Newington is located in North London and there are still some true Londoners living there, especially families, who see the gentrification process of their neighbourhood going on.

But there are positive things in this area, too. If you can call a beautifully derelicted cemetery positive.

It strongly reminds me on Highgate Cemetery, but there is no entrance fee! Awesome! The dates of the graves spread from 1820 to 2015, which is super impressive. The atmosphere is not as ghosty as in Highgate, but you still can feel how your inner self calms down. So, if you're stressed - go there. But don't do it on a Saturday afternoon. ;)

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