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Behind the Scenes at "The Casting"

Last weekend I did a behind the scenes shoot for the short film "The Casting". The film crew took part at the Colchester Film Festvial and needed to create a short film within 60 hours. They did a great job and even though the time pressure was high and noisy spectators disturb the recording several times.

I've got a passion for BTS photography and especially this time was quite challenging. The film took place on a house boat at Regent's Canal, London. The modern architecture at Paddington Bassin was a harsh contrast to the cosy boats. So, I got the opportunity to actually see one of those boats from the inside. It obvisously was narrow and therefore for film crew needed to squeeze in every existing corner to avoid getting in the shot.

So, have a look at the film and experience a non-typical house boat owner and a different kind of "casting".

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