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My first proper Fashion Week experience #LFWSS16

A dream of many photography students, who are interested in Fashion photography, is to take part and be behind the scenes at London Fashion Week. This SS16 season should be my first proper experience within the fashion industry, as I was offered a job as an assistant to photographers at Dumbo Magazine. It was a pleasure to work with the photographers and to meet the magazine editor, who just arrived in London for LFW.

Even though it was hard work, it had many sparkling moments, too. I found it really funny to see all those front row guest in their best clothing, enjoying the atmosphere right before the great show, while the photographers are packed onto a tiny place at the end of the runway and started shouting at each other when hair tips are in the shot. You obvisously you need to have good connections - as always - to get a very central spot.

I experienced this organised chaos at the PPQ, Zeynep Kartal (see below) and KTZ show. As you easily shoot 800 images per show (make your your card is fast enough! ;'D), I still haven't been to all of them due to other projects, which got tight deadlines.

But have a look at a first sneak peak of my first runway images. They aren't compareable to those of photographer's who are used to shoot during fashion week, but everyone needs to start, right?

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