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Behind the scenes of an Fashion Shoot

That was actually the most extraordinary experience in my entire photographer's life. This all started by signing up to Model Mayhem and the New Genes Collective calling for submissions. Why not setting up a last-minute fashion shoot? I stumbled across Jolanta's beautiful dress designs: carefully handmade gowns in vibrant colors. A strapless dress made of leaves caught my eye. And then my vison of the shoot was cristal-clear. I immediately knew the location for this dress and found lovely people to help me with the realisation of this project.

Assistant: Alex Pullin

Make-up & Hair stylist: Carina Blumenau

Dress design: Jolanta Pilinkaite

We had a great time on location and although it was quite cold (especially for Valerie), it was a funny shoot.

I actually learned a lot about working on location. Always mind everything (!) around you. Now, within the stage of post-production, I see tiny things that decrease the expression of the image, just because of a little detail I didn't saw during the shoot. It a way it upsets me, but at least I notice it now and thus I am able to learn from my mistakes. Additionally, I really should get used to work with a lightmeter. Next time. Definitely. ;)

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